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Snowboarding and Swimming Goggles

Why do I need ski and snowboard goggles?

In short, for better visibility and your own safety. All UV light is amplified with altitude which limits your visibility and makes the glare reflected from the snow even stronger. Harmful UV light can seriously damage your eyes, too, so goggles are essential for filtering the UV light to protect your eyesight.

Another factor is weather – you could wake up to blue skies and be hit with a blizzard by midday. This makes it a lot harder to stay on track and safely make your way down the piste. To combat changing conditions you’ll need goggles with specialised lenses and tints. These will create stronger contrasts which will make it easier to see lumps and bumps in the snow. Goggles also come in lots of different colours to suit light conditions.
What features should I look for ?

A basic pair of goggles will shield you from the elements, filter out harmful UV light and have an anti-fog ventilation system. While basic goggles are ideal for first-timers or kids, they just won’t cut it if you’re venturing past the beginner slopes. We’d recommend getting snow goggles with a few extra features to really get the most out of your snow day.
What do the lens category and VLT figures actually mean ?

All goggles have a lens category, from 1 to 4, which tells us how much light is blocked by the lens. There’s also a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) percentage which shows how much light is allowed to pass through the lens. Put simply: dark lenses (category 4 and 10-30% VLT) are ideal for bright blue bird days because they block the most light. While paler lenses (category 1 and 50-70% VLT) are perfect for low-light conditions as they allow more light to pass through the lens.

Swimming Goggles

Choosing swimming goggles can be a minefield with lots of different shapes, sizes and lens colours ! This guide will help you to filter your search, to find a goggle that suits the style of swimming you do and the environment you swim in. When it comes to fit, you will need to try the swim goggle on to see how it feels and whether it gives a good seal.


These goggles are designed to be streamlined with smaller eye gaskets to minimise water drag when competing and to give a secure fit for dives and turns. With the emphasis being on a low profile to minimise water drag, these goggles may not be as comfortable as fitness and leisure goggles but will help to give you a streamlined shape in the water.

Swim Training/Fitness and Leisure

If you are swimming for reasonably long periods of time, comfort will be your main priority. Swim training and fitness swimming will involve swimming many lengths in one session and you should therefore choose a goggle that feels comfortable around the eyes. If you are just having fun at the pool, you will also want a goggle that feels comfortable so that you can concentrate on having a good time in the water !


These goggles have prescription lenses for people who wear glasses and can be ordered with their specific dioptre lens. Some of these goggles are bought as a kit; the optical lenses are separate and then the strap, nose bridge etc. are part of a kit that you then fit together.

Children’s Goggles

Swimming goggles are essential for children as they will protect their eyes from the stinging effects of chlorinated water and will encourage them to put their head under the water; building up their confidence and swimming ability.

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