Ultrasonic Portable Cleaner High Frequency Vibration


Experience Deeper Clean with Our Ultrasonic Portable Cleaner! 🌟

Harness the power of high-frequency vibration to transform your cleaning routine. Here’s why our portable ultrasonic cleaner stands out:

Advanced Technology: Our 2.0 version ultrasonic cleaner boasts an upgraded main board, preventing overheating and ensuring longer operation. Ideal for jewelry, glass, watches, dentures, and more.

Microscopic Cleaning: Ultrasonic waves penetrate at the cellular level, removing tough stains from clothes and sanitizing fruits and vegetables.

Premium Material: Crafted from aluminum alloy, our 360-degree cleaner is durable and efficient.

Eco-Friendly: Save energy and water while achieving spotless results.

Make cleaning a breeze—try our ultrasonic cleaner today!

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Dimensions 140 × 17 × 50 mm

Bronze/Gold, Brown/White, Gold/White, Green/Red, Pink/Yellow