Small Premium Clip On Sunglasses


Available in 4 different colours. The benefit of these clip on sunglasses are that they can be trimmed exactly to size, the lightweight design can be cut with a pair of sharp scissors. Comes in lens width 52mm, depth 40mm, overall length 125mm. Comes with a case and a cloth. The clip will not fall apart like cheaper clip ons, and has a handy flip up function for easy wear. Great lenses with UVA/UVB and polarised filters that give protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. Manufactured in the UK to British standards.

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This Clip on range offer unrivalled build quality, these clip on’s wont fall apart like most of the cheap ones do. Great lenses with UVA/UVB and polarised filters provide great eye protection on the beach, by the pool, out driving or for everyday use. They clip over your existing glasses and this means you don’t have to purchase expensive prescription sunglasses. With the flip up function you can flip them up when you go indoors and know that all you have to do when you go back out is flip them back down and your protected.
Scratch Resistant,Great Build Quality,Comes with free case and microfibre cleaning cloth, Free & Quick Delivery.
The main advantage of wearing flip up sunglasses is that they do not need to be constantly removed and put back on. They clip over the prescription glasses and can be flipped up or down according to the lighting conditions. Flip up clip-on sunglasses can remain on the frames of prescription sunglasses, so are less likely to get lost in a bag or a pocket. They are also less likely to damage prescription glasses as they do not need to be constantly removed. With new standards in the manufacturing, the clips are more robust and a sleeker more fashionable design.


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Dimensions 140 × 54 mm

Brown, Green, Grey, Yellow