Motosan Vehicle UV-C Air Sanitizer System – Combats Most Viral & Bacterial Matter including Covid-19


The high performance MOTOSAN is a quality air sanitizer system from the United Kingdom which has been developed to significantly reduce or eliminate the existence of viral matter such as Covid 19 and other bacterial infestations in confined spaces such as cars and offices. The MOTOSAN functions by the use of a special UV-C sanitizer lamp shrouded by a circulating fan and an electronic control system developed by its own engineers. The MOTOSAN air sanitizer is very compact and is easily moved from vehicle to vehicle.

A simple to use device which is designed to sanitise the air inside a vehicle to protect the driver and passengers, which is suited to family vehicles, company cars and taxis. It is fitted or removed in seconds and fits into a vehicles cup holder or shelf and is connected to a 12v cigarette type socket to power up its potent UV-C santizer system. It also has a replaceable top cap which is impregnated with a fragrance and secondary sanitizer to further improve the ambiance of the vehicles interior space. Designed for vehicles of all types to reduce viral and bacterial infestations. It is proven to kill most viral and bacterial spores including covid-19.

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