Luxury Lumina Clip on Sunglasses


Our Luxury Lumina Clip-on Sunglasses for 2024 offer a host of impressive features and benefits:

  1. Secure Fit: The clip-on design ensures a secure fit to any frame type, providing stability and confidence during wear.
  2. Photochromic Technology: The inclusion of photochromic lenses that adjust to sunlight and surrounding conditions enhances adaptability and comfort for the wearer.
  3. Strong Construction: Emphasizing durability and quality, these sunglasses offer superior construction compared to cheaper alternatives, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  4. Panoramic View: The design provides a panoramic view, allowing for maximum eye protection and enhanced visibility.
  5. Polarized Protection: With 100% polarized protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, these sunglasses prioritize eye safety and health.
  6. Comfort Features: Rubber nose pads and sleeves maximize comfort and ensure a secure fit, enhancing the overall wearing experience.
  7. Superb Visibility: Even in strong glare conditions, these sunglasses maintain superb visibility, reducing eye strain and discomfort.
  8. UK Manufacturing: Made in the UK, the sunglasses adhere to high manufacturing standards, ensuring quality and reliability.
  9. UV Protection: Conforming to UV400 protection and filters, these sunglasses offer comprehensive protection against harmful UV rays.
  10. Size and Specifications: With dimensions of width 145mm, lens width 65mm, lens height 56mm, and bridge size 16mm, the sunglasses offer a comfortable and well-fitting design.

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Photochromic Lenses, Blue Mirror, Brown, Green, Grey, Pink, Silver, Yellow Night Driving