Hayfever is a common condition that many people experience, symptoms include itchy, dry “pollen eyes”. Allergies which include hayfever, dust or pets can be debilitating, pills and nasal sprays may help somewhat but if your still suffering relief can come in the form of Hayfever sunglasses.

The unique design of these sunglasses help to block the pollen from several angles, above and below the eyes and from the sides and temples. The distinguishing feature of our hay fever glasses is the soft seal cushioned padding lining that is moulded into the glasses that seals off the eye to reduce air, dust, UV rays, pollen and irritants to reach the eye, as well as retaining moisture around the eye, creating a protective barrier.

These glasses are also ideal for activities such as cycling and motorbikes as they help to deflect the wind away from your eyes and make you more aerodynamic at higher speeds.


Banish itchy pollen eyes

Help protect against viral transmission through the eyes from talking, coughing and sneezing

Relief from dry eyes

UVA and UVB rays

Polycarbonate Lenses, Frames and Temples

Indirect ventilation design

Designed for Comfort and Safety

Comes in a variety of colours.


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Amber & Red, Black & Deep Red, Blue Mirror & Black/Red, Green/Pink & White/Red, Orange/Revo Light Blue, Smoke & Red/Black