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Sunglasses make you look cool and mysterious, but sunglasses are not solely intended for fashion. There are several medical benefits to wearing sunglasses;

Reduce Headaches and Eyestrain
Intense sunlight can bring on migraine, tension, and other types of headaches caused by eyestrain. One in seven people in the UK suffers from migraine with common triggers including dehydration, stress and lack of sleep. We stock ideal sunglasses and glasses for migraine sufferers.

Sun damage to the cornea is another headache-inducing effect of sunlight. By wearing sunglasses under bright conditions, headaches can be reduced and in some cases even prevented. Our Sunglasses come in Pink and Green for this condition. These precision tinted glasses help relieve migraine headaches by bathing your eyes in a cool green or pink filtered light and stopping the over stimulation of the brain. View Migraine Glasses

Computer Eyestrain/Dyslexia
These tinted glasses help cut out the glare from computer screens, tablets, games consoles, phones and flourescent lighting. As well as medically it has been proved that reading through coloured glasses can significantly improve reading speed and comprehension over an extended time period for conditions such as dyselxia. Our Sunglasses comes in 3 styles of Blue for these conditions. View Dyslevia Glasses

Insomnia Glasses
These tinted glasses block out blue light to help improve sleep patterns and help sufferers of Insomnia by re-establishing the bodies natural circadian rhythm. Wear these glasses for an hour before going to bed and your sleep pattern will return to normal. Our sunglasses come in Amber for this condition. View Insomnia Glasses

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