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Gaming glasses are a new and essential accessory for any serious gamer, or anyone who spends a lot of time staring at screens. As we all spend more and more time on computers and other devices, there is evidence that the blue light from screens is related to macular degeneration, and more people suffer from eye strain and screen-headaches. Blue-light cancelling glasses for gamers reduce the amount of blue light streaming into the wearer’s eye, ultimately helping to maintain sharp perception of what is happening on screen. As a bonus, they help to reduce overall strain and cumulative damage over time.

As awareness builds, blue light glasses for gamers are becoming more popular, and there are hundreds of brands available to try. Any serious gamer should take some time to review the available products and be sure to select quality blue light glasses to ensure their eyes stay sharp for a lifetime of gaming.



These glasses can help you combat a few gaming related issues that you may be having or that you may develop if gaming glasses aren’t introduced, these include;


The overwhelming rise in the popularity in online and virtual gaming has led to an increase in the amount of gaming related eye problems.

It’s not just your eyes that can be affected by gaming, headaches and migraines can be brought on from continual eye strain, as well as the harmful artificial light that you may be exposed to for hours at a time. Gaming glasses allow you to play for hours with minimal eye strain (if any at all). The benefits of these glasses for gamers are truly overwhelming.


Blue light can also effect sleeping habits. This is because the light replicates natural UV rays from the sun and can trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime when it’s not. This may apply to you if you play games late into the night. Gaming glasses could help if you have issues with insomnia.




Improve Play with the Best Gaming Glasses

Gaming glasses are well known for having a yellow tint to the lenses, this is to help increase the contrast of what you see on the screen, which leads to a more detailed view and can even improve reaction time. Don’t worry, if yellow tinted glasses aren’t your thing, we also provide clear gaming glasses.

Improve Vision and Clarity

Gaming glasses can help improve vision and clarity, which not only helps your game play but helps keep your sight in good working order for as long as possible. There is a link between artificial light from screens and sight loss. If your eyes have already begun to feel the effects of gaming, then check out our prescription glasses.

Less Eye Strain

Playing video games can put strain on your eyes, which, overtime, can cause long-lasting damage to the nerves behind your eyes. Gaming glasses help to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light that is emitted from screens.

Reduced Risk of Gaming Induced Headaches and Migraines

Gaming for extended periods of time can increase your risk of headaches and migraines. The anti-blue light technology used in gaming glasses helps prevent this from happening.

Better Night Sleep

Gaming glasses can help improve your sleep by blocking the artificial light that may be tricking your body into staying awake – even when you eventually walk away from the screen.

Not Just for Gaming!

Despite being called gaming glasses, they’re not just for games. They can help protect your eyes against any screen. Whether you work in front of a computer all day or can’t stop scrolling through your phone. Check out what other types of blue light blocking glasses we have available.


Getting the Best Gaming Glasses from Us

At Clip on Sunglasses, we are dedicated to providing our customers with only the best gaming glasses on the market. Like all things, some gaming sunglasses that are available online are fake. We provide the highest quality gaming glasses available to help you get the most out of your game play.

With our gaming glasses you are guaranteed;

  • Comfort and style
  • Available in a range of power against blue light
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Free case and cleaning cloth

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