Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our clip on sunglasses

How to trim clip on sunglasses?
You can cut these custom clip-on sunglasses with a good pair of scissors and polish the edges with an emery board or stone.

How do they clip on?
Our clip on sunglasses use soft rubber prongs to allow smooth movement on and off to prevent scratching. The prongs mount on the inside of each prescription lens by the nose-pads away from your field of vision

Do they scratch?
Our custom made polarized clip ons have an anti scratch coating. We also provide a case for your clip on sunglasses.

Do the sunglasses filter 100% UV radiation?
All the lenses available in our store, whichever lens colour, filter 100% of ultraviolet light up to 400nm.

Will the clip ons fit over plastic, metal, or rimless glasses?
All our clip on sunglasses are designed to fit over most styles of plastic, metal, or rimless frames. Our spring-loaded and rimless clip ons will fit over lenses or spectacle rims up to 4-5 mm thick at the edges. Using the size guides is the most reliable way to assess whether this type of clip on sunglasses will fit your glasses.

FAQs about sizing

What are the size guide width and height measurements based on?
The measurements shown on the size guides in millimetres are intended to indicate the width and height to the outside edges of the clip-on lenses (this includes the metal rim on rimmed styles).

Does the spring bridge adjust to the width of my frames?
The purpose of the spring bridge is to expand the clip on sunglasses to make them easier to clip over your glasses. When you have clipped them on, the spring-bridge returns to its extended width, providing the tension required to hold the clip-ons securely onto your frames.

Why do the clip ons tilt down at the nose bridge when fitted to my glasses?
If the clip ons dip at the nose bridge as illustrated below, it means the size you have selected is not wide enough for your frames.