Clip On Reading Glasses

magnifying clip on reading glasses and blue light blocking reading glasses.

Why do I need reading glasses?

As your eyes get less flexible, your close vision gets worse. It’s a condition called presbyopia, and it may make you wonder if you need reading glasses. When you reach the point of not being able to read up close without stretching your arms to the limit, you may need to consider single-vision reading glasses.

Generally, people who have never needed glasses in the past will start out with a pair of reading glasses rather than progressive lenses or bifocals, which are usually a better choice if you have a need for distance as well as near correction. Ready-made readers became popular in the 1990s: three times more pairs were purchased during that decade than ever before, at an estimated rate of 30 million pairs per year. They are less expensive than custom eyewear, allowing you to own several pairs for a small amount of money.

Blue Light Reading Glasses

Blue light blocking reading glasses are perfect for those who spend copious amounts of time in front of a screen, whether this be; computer, phone or TV. If you find that your eyes get tired and sore after a day at work, then it may be time to switch to blue light reading glasses.

Blue light reading glasses are probably best known for having a bright yellow lenses – which is very off putting for many, especially if you plan on wearing them during work or at school. Luckily, all of the reading glasses that we stock come with clear lenses.


Benefits of Blue Light Reading Glasses

Improved Sleep – blue light has been proven to disrupt sleeping habits, it is extremely common for people to watch TV on sit on their phone before going to bed. The trouble with this is that the brain mistakes the blue light that is emitted from this device as sunlight, tricking the brain into thinking it is time to be awake, rather than asleep. Blue light reading glasses protect your eyes from this light and allow you to have a good night sleep.

Reduced Chance of Screen Induced Headaches and Migraines – many people experience headaches or migraines when they have been staring at a screen all day – this is not ideal if this is what much of your job consists of. Blue light reading glasses can reduce the risk of screen induced headaches and migraines by protecting your eyes from blue light.


Clip on Magnifying Glasses

We also stock magnifying clip on reading glasses, which clip on to your usual prescription glasses. Magnifying clip on reading glasses can be a great addition to your day-to-day life. Not only can they be a great aid whilst reading – especially small print but, can also help you to see detailing and can allow you to do jobs that require precise vision.

If you work in an industry that requires a lot of reading or detail work. Good vision is necessary for these types of jobs and constantly squinting can bring on headaches and migraines, affecting job performance and not allowing you to feel your best. Like our Magnifying clip on glasses? Check out some of best clip on sunglasses we have to offer!


Benefits of Magnifying Clip on Reading Glasses

Attention to Detail – magnifying clip on reading glasses allow you to pay closer attention to detail than ever before. Whether you are reading fine print or doing something around the house that requires a keen eye

More Efficient Working – squinting to try and see what you’re working on can lead to headaches and inefficiency. You may not be able to work as well if you are struggling to see what you’re doing. Magnifying clip on reading glasses are especially beneficial to dentists, horologists, jewellers and any other industry that requires extreme precision.

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