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Flip Up Sunglasses


Are you in need of prescription sunglasses but hate the high costs in comparison to regular sunglasses? Have you tried photochromic lenses but find them inefficient as they take too long to adapt to light and dark? Clip-on-Sunglasses provides customers with convenient and cost-effective solutions to prescription sunglasses.


The Convenience of Flip up Sunglasses

Our flip up sunglasses are easily and securely attached to your prescription glasses. Yet, unlike standard clip on sunglasses, these can be flipped up while still remaining attached at the centre of your prescription glasses. This means you can easily change from sunglasses to regular glasses, without the hassle of having to unclip them entirely.



Every pair of flip up sunglasses from Clip-on-Sunglasses are low cost, making them affordable for everyone. Having low vision is a costly ailment, and anyone who requires prescription glasses is aware of how easily bills can mount up, especially with the added inconvenience of purchasing prescription sunglasses as well. What makes things more costly is any time your prescription changes you must pay to have your regular glasses and your sunglasses changed. Purchasing clip on sunglasses will significantly reduce your spending on glasses.



Why waste time and effort carrying around two pairs of prescription glasses, one regular and one for sun, when you can get the best of both in one pair? Flip up sunglasses allow you to change from sunglasses to regular prescription in a swift flick of your wrist. No more fumbling about to try and find the other pair; simply flip up the sunglasses when required and flip back down again. Then, once you are permanently indoors, or the sun goes down you can easily un-clip the sunglasses from your prescriptions. Speed, simplicity and a fraction of the cost of prescription sunglasses or photochromic lenses are what makes flip up sunglasses the optimum eyewear choice.


Available Styles

We offer a large variety of colours and styles of flip up sunglasses, each designed with innovative features:

Night Driving

Most drivers feel a strain on their eyes when driving at night, especially in wet weather. The glare on the roads, mirrors and windscreens are distracting at best, and can even be dangerous. We have a range of flip up sunglasses that offer full UV and polarised protection. This feature reduces glare and eases eye strain while night driving.


Folding Clip on Sunglasses

We also supply foldable clip on sunglasses. The lenses on these glasses can swivel, allowing them to be reduced into a more convenient size for storing.


Day and Night Driving

For those who spend a lot of their time driving, Clip-on-Sunglasses stocks day and night driving clip-ons which have anti-glare lenses and polarised filters. This benefits the driver as protection is provided against the sun and nighttime glare.


Blue Light Blocking

Too much blue light can be damaging to your eyes. For those who spend most of their day staring at screens, whether its phone screens or computer monitors, it is important you protect your eyes. At Clip-on-Sunglasses we sell blue light blocking flip up clip-ons that can be easily added to your prescription glasses adding an extra layer of protection. These innovative clip-ons come with matte finishing, flexibility and aspheric lenses, meaning they are thinner, lighter and flatter than traditional glasses.


Premium Clip on Sunglasses

These flip up sunglasses can be cut to fit the shape of your glasses. This is ideal for anyone with prescription glasses which are uniquely shaped.


Migraine Flip up Sunglasses

Studies have shown that rose-tinted glasses, aka FL-41, can sufficiently reduce the effects of migraines and even prevent them from occurring. We stock migraine, pink blush, clip-on sunglasses that have a flip up feature. You can browse our full medical glasses collection in the medical range.


Mirror Clip on Sunglasses

For those looking for a cool, classic style, we also have flip up sunglasses with quantum mirror fronts. These frames come with glare reduction, 100% UV protection, polarized lenses and quantum flare mirror coating.


More Information

If you have questions regarding our flip up sunglasses or any of our clip on sunglasses products, please check our FAQ as you will find most answers there. Alternatively, you can complete our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you.

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